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Welcome to 2006 Coco's meeting survey!

Dear Parents,

Six years ago I started on this journey, lost and confused. I did not join a support group because I did not want to be surrounded by people who whined or cried. I needed to get busy and help my child but I really did not know how. No one in the medical community offered us any hope. Through the grace of God, excessive hours of research and some good luck our family recovered. It was not hopeless. We have a happy healthy child who will now be able to fulfill all of our and his dreams. I am one of eight Mom's who wanted to help other parents and so ROK was created to network parents with each other to provide hope, information and support.

Nothing can have prepared us for the diagnosis of autism or the changes it would require of us. The feeling of hopelessness and devastation can be overwhelming and the struggle to find relevant information and research while trying to care for our families is difficult. The Greater Phoenix Autism Support Group and ROK want our meetings to provide the information and support you need. We are in the process of revamping our meetings to meet the needs of our growing and changing group. To this end, we have designed an on line anonymous poll. Please take a few minutes to complete this poll. It is imperative that we have as much participation as possible from parents to make these meetings the best.

Thank you,

Cynthia Macluskie
ROK President
Cynthia Macluskie

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