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Parents ROK/Coco's Meetings Survey

June, 2006

Dear Parent,
The ROK Board is currently looking to revamp the ROK/Coco's meetings. This survey is a tool for us to better plan our meetings. This is an anonymous survey so please be as honest as you can. We are eager to hear your views.
1. How many speakers an evening would you prefer?
1-Only one so that we have enough time to network with other parents
2-Only a couple so we could have in-depth information
3-As many as possible
2. Should we have speakers every meeting?
1-Yes 2-No
3. Which topics would you like to see more of (you may check as many as you wish):
1-Education/IEP's 2-Applied Behavioral Analysis
3-Medical 4-Biomedical
5-Social 6-Financial, estate, trust planning
7-Other (please list, max 100
4. Would you like to hear more from parents and their experiences and successes with their children?
1-Yes 2-No
5. Would you like to have a designated period of time at each meeting to network with other parents?
1-Yes 2-No
6. Are there specific speakers you would like to hear? Please list their names and contact information if you have it. (Max of 250 characters includes spaces)
7. Is there anything that you would like to share that would help our meetings grow and better serve the parents of our group? (Max of 250 characters includes spaces)
8. What do you enjoy most about the meetings? (Max of 250 characters includes spaces)
9. If you do not attend our meetings, why?
1-Conflict with work schedule 2-Do not have respite
3-Cannot afford the dinner 4-Not interested in the speakers
5-Too busy 6-Too far away
7-Other (please list, max 100
10. If changes were made to the meetings would you be more likely to attend?
1-Yes 2-No
11. Please read the statements below and then respond if you knew about our mission statement and our goals:

Recovering Our Kids (ROK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering parents of children with autism with information, choices, and support in finding the most appropriate medical and complimentary treatments at affordable prices. ROK attracts quality providers to the autism community so that parents have a variety of treatment options available to them at reasonable cost. Parents with access to information and choices are better able to formulate a treatment plan for their child's recovery.

  • ROK produces educational materials that can be distributed to newly diagnosed parents and family members that provide the latest information and research.
  • ROK sponsors conferences with a variety of different doctors and specialties that can benefit children with autism. These conferences provide parents with education and information.
  • ROK works with other local organizations to educate the community as a whole about autism including how to treat children with autism to keep them safe and respected within the community.
  • ROK educates local doctors in the cutting edge research and treatment of autism.
  • ROK is establishing an Autism Advisor Board with Phoenix Children's Hospital. Its sole purpose is to educate physicians in the needs of children with autism and current research that can better heal our children.
  • ROK is currently working with Arizona Disability Law Office on an advisory basis to provide information that will ensure that our children are getting the proper care from the Medicaid system in our state.
  • ROK runs parent support groups to educate and provide support to parents and family members of children with autism.
  • ROK will establish a parent mentoring system to better support parents and families of newly diagnosed children with autism.
Were you aware of these activites?
1-Yes 2-No 3-Some but not all
Thanks so much for your time and input!
Cynthia Macluskie

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