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CARD Speaker 2/28/06
Coco's Meetings Survey
Survey Results

2006 Coco's meeting survey results

  1. Q1: How many speakers an evening would you prefer?
  2. Q2: Should we have speakers every meeting?
  3. Q3: Which topics would you like to see more of?
  4. Q4: Would you like to hear more from parents and their experiences and successes with their children?
  5. Q5: Would you like to have a designated period of time at each meeting to network with other parents?
  6. Q9: If you do not attend our meetings, why?
  7. Q10: If changes were made to the meetings would you be more likely to attend?
  8. Q11: Were you aware of ROK mission statement and its goal?

The background pictures used with the graphs were either taken in Arizona, Las Vegas or Ireland. When seeing a graph, you can scroll down the screen to see the complete background picture!


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