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Where should the RBC Elements percentile be before starting DMPS Alyssa is all in the 50th percentile range ? Yes we will be starting DMPS when is come in the mail.


Not sure of the percentages on the RBC test........if you're looking for minerals, Buttar looks HEAVILY at the urine essential elements and just a little bit at the RBC. This is DIFFERENT than what many DAN Doctor's are doing since they always look at RBC. He looks at the "whole" picture of the labs for the kid, but again urine essential elements labs to look at minerals is something new many Doc's aren't doing. So, if you do a urine essential elements lab, ideally Buttar's office woule like to see the kids at the 84% for minerals before starting. Again, that is ideally....if a child was really low on this test, they WOULD NOT start the TD-DMPS until they heavily mineralized a couple of weeks first to bring the minerals up.



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