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Using TD-DMPS with other chelators - pitfalls

Here is what I want to share with all of you regarding TD-DMPS:

I asked Dr. Buttar what his thoughts were regarding using TD-DMPS with D-pen and EDTA (oral or iv). He likes D-pen, but said he has NEVER used it in conjunction with TD-DMPS. Nor has he used EDTA with TD-DMPS. He ONLY used TD-DMPS as his chelator in his protocol. He said that when using TD-DMPS one has to be careful not to mobilize the mercury too much because this can cause problems. This makes me believe that if one is to use any other chelator in conjunction with TD-DMPS you may be running into problems!!

(1) Renal function
(2) Mineral Depletion

Please, please, please if you are using TD-DMPS make sure you are doing labs that will detect these problems. For anyone using TD-DMPS, EDTA, and D-pen all together, I urge you to think of how dangerous this can be. There is NO STUDIES on using these 3 chelators together for safety. In his opinion it is very DANGEROUS if you mobilize too much mercury on just TD-DMPS (like using more than recommended wt/ratio), so I can't imagine how much more serious it could be in conjunction with other chelators. We personally will not be using any other chelator with TD-DMPS even though EDTA still passed on the machine for us along with the TD-DMPS!!!!

Dr. Buttar will be coming out with a "broad spectrum minerals" before Thanksgiving. It should be available from AMT pharmacy. He recommended we use this as our minerals on our mineral days on. From lab testing at the 2 month mark, he will then decide how much of the seperate minerals to add to the broad spectrum. We currently are using the E-lyte minerals. 9 minerals come in a kit (go to emerson ecologics website and product search e-lyte to see the kit). He prefers liquid minerals for our kids. It's okay if your multi has some minerals in it as they are normally very low. He does have a multi avail and I need to verify the name of it again with his nurse before posting it. This is the multi he told me he had his son on.

It is very important that when you give TD-DMPS that you DO NOT GIVE MINERALS ANY SOONER THAN 24 HOURS of giving the TD-DMPS. You mineralize 24 hours after TD-DMPS. So, for example: we give Derrick TD-DMPS at 8pm, the next day he receives his minerals 8pm or after and continue the cycle as such.

I know Barb believes you can give minerals every day with TD-DMPS, however if you ask Ketover he does side with Buttar on the every other day. (Just so you all know for the record).

Dr. Buttar is being scrutinized by the FDA right now for the TD-DMPS, but strongly believes he will still be able to get TD-DMPS if they try and shut him down. It's legal in Europe so he assured me he could still get it in.

Dr. Buttar's Hiearachy of important lab testing:
1. Urine essential elements (Doctor's Data). (This test will indicate if your minerals are going down while on TD-DMPS) & urine toxic metals(this indicates what heavy metals are coming out).
2. Fecal toxic elements (Doctor's Data)
3. Hair test (Doctor's Data)
4. RBC

Again watch the WBC for transient leukocytosis
watch Bun/Creat for renal function
watch for iron levels for iatrogenic depletion


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