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Need Supplements Between

Wanted to post a link to a couple of finds for those who have ever run out of something between co-op orders. . .

The first is They have great prices and tons of stuff, including some of the professional brands, like:

Apex Energetics
. Learner's Edge
. Metagenics NEW
. NF Formula
. PhytoPharmica
. ProSymbiotics
. Standard Process
. Tyler
. Vitaline

The second is, specifically,

They had a batch of bottles of Cell Food whose labels were damaged when a bottle leaked during shipping, and they are selling them for 15.50.

The same co. is also selling them on eBay, of all places, for even less -- 12.50. I ordered 3 bottles there,and the shipping was even cheaper. Here's a link to that:

I will tell you that one of my bottles leaked more during shipment to me -- they were all bagged separately, so I could see droplets in the bag, and the bottle felt less full than the other two. But as soon as I contacted them, they offered to send another bottle free.

Hope this helps someone out!

Maria (who is not affiliated with either of these sites in any way)


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