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Info on how Buttar doses minerals

I just had an appt with Dr. Buttar today and I was able to ask alot of questions directly (vs his NP who I normally speak too).

Of course, in our discussion the topic of minerals came up and he told me he still uses the Urine Essential Elements labs to dose the minerals. I told him, "do you know how hard it is to teach a Doctor to dose according to that test? (because they are wanting to use the RBC only test, and without giving names, you all know which Doctors are doing this) He told me, "yeah, they just don't get it".

As a parent, you'll have to decide which way you want to dose minerals. For those who want to dose minerals Buttar's way, here is how to do it. Otherwise those wanting to dose using RBC's test results, follow your Doctor's recommendations.

Pull out your Urine Essential Elements test:

Your goal is to get the minerals to the 97.5 percentile ( I originally thought it was to above the 84%, which is in the yellow, but he told me today, "to the red is good")

He wants the Zinc to Copper ratio 10:1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is your goal. (don't ask me why, I keep forgetting to ask why he wants that ratio, but that is what he is targeting)

To get the ratio, take your zinc results and divide by your Copper. Copper is your "1". Example:
Zinc = 0.99, Copper = .025.
.99 divided by .025 = 39.6 (or 40).
This zinc to copper ratio is 40:1, and your goal is to get it where?? 10:1

So, if your copper is low on your Urine Essential Elements lab, for example, you would want to increase it. It takes 2 months for one to see a results from a dose change (per Buttar today), so your next lab will tell you if your ratio has dropped. I personally, wouldn't go passed 4x the amount of dosing for copper. If your ratio is still whacked, your zinc may need to be lowered.

To try and give you a visual, the example I have listed above with the zinc = .99, Copper = .025, the zinc is in the green bar above the 50th %, the copper is almost right at the 16th %. In this case, Zinc metallicum (homepathic) would not be a good consideration since at time of lab result the patient was on 2x zinc drops, and 4x copper drops. We don't want to increase the zinc here, if anything, decrease it to get that ratio of 10:1 or try using homepathic remedy Pleo Cup (which increases copper) and keep the 2x zinc drops and 4x copper drops and see if it moves. In 2 months if it doesn't change the ratio, then dropping the zinc to 1x drops and keeping copper at 4x is the choice.

Now, there is a way to verify with the RBC's with the Urine Essential Elements test.
Pull your RBC test.

If you have a mineral that is low, look at your Urine Essential Elements test. Where is that same mineral? If it's low too (low meaning below 50th) then you need to increase your dose. If, RBC is low, but the same mineral is above 50% on your urine test, then you wouldn't need to do anything since the Urine Essential Elements result is okay. Maybe you would increase the dose depending on where it was( to try and get it closer to the 97.5%), but it's not something you would freak out over because of how low it could be on the RBC.

Let me give my example. Derrick's Molybdenum on RBC was .0005 which was pretty darn close to touching the 2.5%. On the Urine Essential Elements test his results was .14 which is pretty darn close to touching the 84.%. So, at the time of the challenge, Derrick was on 2x Molybdenum drops, and Buttar said to just keep it 2x (double). If next months test it is still the same on the Urine Essential Elements, he may increase it to get it closer to the 97.5%, but we are not sitting in a bad spot....I hope you get the picture.

There are certain minerals that are more important than others, and the Doctors know which ones those are. I will say I have not heard Buttar recommend minerals such as boron, vanadium, lithium to be supplemented when Derrick's levels were low (they don't have E-lyte minerals in those anyways) and I was told I didn't need to supplement them using anything outside of E-lytes. Well I didn't, and by supplementing the other minerals per Doctor's advice, those levels have all come up on their own! This may be good news for some who have been in the same situation.

TIP: I put my Urine Essential Elements lab in a plastic sheet protector. With a grease pencil, I mark on the right hand side of the page (outside of the box) the dose of each mineral we were on at the time of collection ( S=single, D=double, or 1x, 2x, etc), and then on the left hand side of the box, I write the dose we changed the mineral to based on this particular test. Let me tell you, after doing this several months of testing, this comes in handy, because there is no way I would remember what dosing we did at 2, 4, 6 months etc without digging out notes and trying to figure it out. This way, it's right there and it's very much easier to see what you "were doing" and "what you switched to" based on labs when it's right in front of you.

Also, I have some information on some new stuff Buttar is doing that I want to share with the group. Will post by this weekend.



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