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How to wrap a baby's mattress for crib death prevention

The advice to wrap mattresses applies to every mattress on which a baby sleeps (except a BabeSafeŽ mattress) and includes: mattresses of other children; adults' mattresses; and all mattresses made of or containing natural products such as sheepskins, goatskins, kapok, tree bark, coconut fibre, etc.The most convenient way to wrap a baby's mattress for crib death prevention is by means of a BabeSafeŽ mattress cover. These covers are manufactured in six sizes and are available at babycare retail outlets throughout New Zealand and by mail order in some other countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, England and Scotland. As an alternative, parents can make mattress wraps for their own beds using the specified polythene sheeting. If this option is selected, the following instructions apply:

1. Use thick, clear (not colored) polythene sheeting. The thickness of the polythene must be at least 125 microns. DO NOT USE PVC (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE) FOR MATTRESS-WRAPPING!
2. Place the polythene over the top of the mattress and down the ends and sides, and secure it firmly on the underside of the mattress with strong adhesive tape. Dr. Sprott recommends 3M Scotch tape, super clear, 2 inches wide.
3. The polythene on the underside of the mattress should not be airtight. It must be airtight on the top and sides of the mattress. It is imperative to use the correct bedding on top of a BabeSafeŽ mattress, BabeSafeŽ mattress cover or polythene-wrapped mattress. Use a fleecy pure cotton underblanket and tuck this in securely. Then make the bed using sheets and pure woolen or pure cotton overblankets. DO NOT use any type of moisture-resistant mattress protector, sheepskin, sheepfleece underlay, acrylic blanket, sleeping bag or duvet.


BabeSafeŽ mattresses, BabeSafeŽ mattress covers and Polythene-wrapped mattresses should be cleaned by wiping with pure soap and water. Do not use chemical bleaches or sterilants. Dr. Sprott emphasizes that the above instructions must be followed exactly, to the letter. Note that Polythene is a trade name for polyethylene. However, Dr. Sprott strongly encourages parents to use BabeSafeŽ crib mattress covers for babies' cribs. He is concerned that parents might use incorrect plastic sheeting for their babies' mattress.


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