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How To Get Lab Kits Yourself

Per Becky's request, here is a lab to get the Doctor's Data testing w/o a Dr. The prices are very reasonable and they have other labs as well. The turn around time is good and I used them about 3 years ago pretty frequently.

Direct Lab Services

Direct Laboratory Services provides access to testing for professionals and consumers, and they will order tests for you. The way they do this is they have a doctor who requests the tests for you. They are following the normal procedures of the labs involved. They will charge you for this service (by marking up the prices of the tests). However, in some cases their prices will be lower, due to volume discounts and other pricing considerations they get from the labs. Expect them to be helpful, and to treat you as a customer. To order tests, call (800) 908-0000.

DLS does all types of tests, not just hair tests. In general, which test you want run will determine what lab they run the tests through. They expect you to prepay, and will send the test kit(s) to your home.

A list of many of the tests available, and prices, can be found at: "Healthchoice" incorporates several organizations, including DLS. (see


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