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How to get lab kits at discounted price

FYI....there was some discussion about testing offered by Direct
Labs (without a doctor's order) a few days ago. Here is an excerpt
from a post on another list. One of the listmates worked to get us
all some discounts.

I believe the CDSA is from Great Smokies and the OAT is from
Metamatrix but the urine/hair/fecal elements are Doctor's Data. You
can check out their website for details on the description of each
test (


John Bell, the owner of Direct Labs, has offered us (parents of
autistic children) some discounted prices on the tests that were
requested most. Here is a list of those (the first price is OUR
price, the second is their reg. price, and the 3rd is retail).

-Toxic Metals Tests (Urine, fecal & hair) Fecal $134/$166/$195
Urine $84/$94/$110 Hair $69/$93/$109

-OAT (Organic Acid) $226/$266/$450

-Candida $124/$159$159

-Essential Elements (Urine) cannot be ordered alone, only with
Toxic metals $139/$169/$198

-CDSA w/ Parasitology $304/$355/$459

-IgE Allergy Assay Immuno labs $309/$379/$434

-Food Allergies Immuno IgG? $400/546/$910

-Dysbiosis Markers (Urine) $179/$187/$300

-Glidin Gluten Antibody Profile Immuno $94/$106/$120

-Intestinal Permeablility $94/$118/$186

-Thyroid Panel w/ TSH $44/$54/$146

-Thyroid Panel w/Free T3, Free T4 $89/$106/$406

-Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP) - They'll do it fo $69.

There are some great discounts here. But if you find a better deal,
I'd go for it.

Per John, "To get the discount they have to call our office (800-908-
0000 x0) and say that they are with the Autism Group. They must
have a credit card or bank check in front of them and just say what
tests they want. We will send them the paper work and/or kits with
instructions to take to a local draw site, which we're provide a
list of locations"




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