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CARD Speaker 2/28/06
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Dr. Woeller

  1. Successful Strategies for ASD Parents (Arizona Presentation 2007) (PDF)
  2. Dental Amalgam Removal Recommendations (PDF)
  3. Autistic-Spectrum Disorders - Advanced Concepts (Arizona Presentation 2006) (PDF)
  4. The "Antifungal Parade" - an option for treating resistant cases of Candida (and other types of yeast overgrowth). (PDF)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  1. Does HBOT really work (PDF)
  2. Capillary growth and mHBOT/HBOT (PDF)
  3. HBOT might improve certain pathophysiological findings... (PDF)
  4. Clinical Study: Mild HBOT for impaired brain function(PDF)
  5. HBOT by Dr. Geoffrey H. Saft - a DAN doctor
  6. HBOT affects on free-radicals
  7. Hope and Possibilities: A mother's journey through HBOT
  8. Biomedical Interventions for Teens... by Jeff Bradstreet MD (includes HBOT)
  9. Trial of Clinical Effects of HBOT... ages 2-7 by Daniel A Rossignol, MD
  10. Trial of Clinical Effects of HBOT... ages 2-14 by Jeff Bradstreet, MD
  11. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT) for Autism
  12. Serenity - local HBOT facilty (PDF)
  13. HBOT experiences (PDF)

Dr. Doris J. Rapp

  1. 28 TIPS: To Keep Chemicals Out of Your Body and Environment (PDF)
  3. Dr. Rapp's web site
Methylation - Info on methylation, folate, BH4 and urea cycles

  1. Dr. Yasko's Updated Gut Protocol as of 4/4/06 (PDF)
  2. Dr. Amy Yasko's New Genetic Tests 08/05 (PDF)
  3. Info on different panels, SNP's (PDF)
  4. Summary Sheet of Genetic Analysis as outlined by Dr. Yasko (PDF)
  5. Basic information on pathways (PDF)
  6. Min. Supplements for mB12 shot per Dr. N. (PDF)
  7. Basic intermediates and pathways (PDF)
  8. Pathways with enzymes (blue boxes) and cofactors (purple circles) (PDF)
  9. Pathways with supplements (green boxes) (PDF)
  10. Pathways with locations of where metals inhibit (PDF)
  11. Pathways with locations of major mutations affecting functioning (pink boxes) (PDF)

Dr. Buttar and TD-DMPS

  1. Anyone started the baseline testing for TD-DMPS?
  2. Buttar's Tests Simplified
  3. Buttar's Protocol (pdf)
  4. Position Statement regarding Dr. Buttar's TD-DMPSŪ Treatment Protocol
  5. How Do I Fill My TD-DMPS Rx
  6. How To Figure TD-DMPS Doses
  7. How to get lab kits at discounted price
  8. How To Get Lab Kits Yourself
  9. Important Things About TD-DMPS
  10. Info on how Buttar doses minerals
  11. List of some supplements
  12. RBC Questions
  13. Using TD-DMPS with other chelators - pitfallS
  14. What Minerals Is Buttar Using

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D - Conference, 1/21-1/22 (2006), Tempe, AZ

  1. Treatment Protocol for ASD (pdf)
  2. Conference Notes 1/21/06 (pdf)
  3. Family Constellation Therapy Notes 1/22/06 (pdf)
  4. Poster Notes 1/21/06 (pdf)
  5. Klinghardt and Power Supply (pdf)

NDF+ & Liver Life (Protocols, instructions by BioRay, Inc.)

  1. Liver Life protocol (PDF)
  2. NDF PLUS Protocol (PDF)
  3. Comparison between NDF and NDF-Plus (PDF)
  4. Liver Life FAQ (PDF)
  5. The pH Management of Heavy Metal Detox (PDF)
  6. What is the maximum dose of Liver Life I can give my child?

Local Stores

  1. Health Food
  2. Organic Produce
  3. Organic Childrens Clothing Store (pdf)


  1. How to use a Pendulum (pdf)
  2. Supps, homeopathics, herbs and some foods
  3. Cleaning alternatives without toxic chemicals
  4. Cleaning up your Child's Environment
  5. Dietary Intervention and the GFCF Diet (pdf)
  6. How to wrap a baby's mattress for crib death prevention
  7. How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds (pdf)
  8. Need Supplements Between
  9. Neubrander Methyl B12 (pdf)
  10. How to Use the Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT Tapping (pdf)
  11. Twenty Most Common Chemicals in Thirty-one Fragrance Products (pdf)
  12. What are Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)? (pdf)
  13. Where to get some no VOC paint?
  14. Tips for using clay baths (pdf)
  15. Mercury: Save Your Body From Nature's Deadly Poison
  16. How to make the most out of your doctor's apppointment (PDF)
  17. Anesthesia and Thimerisol (PDF)
  18. When to see a Metabolic Geneticist (PDF)
  19. Immune deficiency tests
  20. Hazards & Dangers Of Microwave Cooking
  21. Milk destroys health benefits of tea: study
  22. (Dana Gorman, December 2006 newsletter
  23. LipoCeutical Glutathione FAQ (pdf)
  24. Need Supplementsi Between Orders (pdf)
  25. Shelton Notes (pdf)


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