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How To Figure TD-DMPS Doses

Here is how to figure out TD-DMPS doses according to Dr. Buttar's Protocol for those who are wanting to follow what he is doing. You should also weigh you child monthly and dosing per weight. I know with us personally, every consultation with Buttar's clinic starts with "how much does your child weigh" and then you can hear them calculating to make sure you're giving the correct drops. In 10 months of doing TD-DMPS our drops have not always stayed consistent. It goes up or down (especially if he lost some weight due to illness).

Buttar's TD-DMPS dose is 1.5 drops per kg.

2.2 lbs = 1 kg

So, you take the weight in lbs, divide by 2.2 (to get kg), then multiply by 1.5 (to get drops)

Example: 44lb child

44 divided by 2.2 = 20kg
20 X 1.5 = 30

A 44lb child should receive 30 drops.


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