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What is the maximum dose of Liver Life I can give my child?

40 pounds or less = max dose 30 drops a day. (15 drops, twice a day)

40-75 pounds = max dose 4 dropperfuls a day. (2 dropperfuls, twice a day)

75 pounds or more = max dose 6 dropperfuls a day. (3 dropperfuls, twice a day)

Maximum dose should not be given as the starting dose of Liver Life. To avoid regressions and aggravations, it is essential to start with just 1 drop twice a day. (Follow Liver Life protocol for dosing instructions) Starting with a higher dose has been reported to cause flu like symptoms, aggression, irritability, regression in skills, rashes, inability to concentrate, and painful urinations. To insure your child gets the most out of Liver Life, start slow and ramp the dose up. If, at any time, your child shows aggravations, decrease the dose.


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