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Family Nutrition Centers -- West Valley (Union Hills/59th Ave)

I found another cool little store for supps., homeopathics, and some foods. It is called Family Nutrition Centers. They are located on Union Hills and 59th. Ave.It is small but carry some good stuff,good prices and he is willing to get special things. Nice people, nice location for us in the west valley. To anyone using those fulvic minerals by Vital-Earth they carry them. Website isn't really up yet, but he said soon. They are open 7 days a week. He also said he can get raw goats milk and will look into the raw dairy when it comes available again in September. 18583 N. 59th. Ave. 602 588 0100

Herb Stop -- Phoenix (22nd st/Camelback)

I went to a place called Herb Stop Phoenix. It is located at 4769 N. 20th. St. Ph.# 602 468 1187. They are mostly an herb store. They carry mineral makeup and some homeopathics(will be adding more). Really great selection of body products(oils, lotions,butters). Lady in there was really nice and willing to work w/ me to find some substitutions for some obscure things I was checking on. They have a website to paruse before taking the hike. They can get you the certificate of analysis for any of their products so you can check for purity, content, etc.


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