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Welcome to HelpASAP!

HelpASAP stands for Help: Autism Support Access in Phoenix. First formed for members of the "Moms Group" that meets monthly at Coco's, this online support group now includes parents from all over the valley and state. The goal of this listserve is to give parents a forum to share information and concerns informally - a sort of "on-line" version of our parent support group. Anything goes --share your trials and triumphs, ask for help and recommendations on local resources, discuss topics in-depth that we touch on at meetings. Access is restricted, but only to allow parents to feel confident that personal information shared will be kept confidential. Member must live in Arizona and have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To join, please complete the below online questionnaire form or email answers to those question directly to All of your information is kept confidential by the list owner and is only used for subscription purposes.

Questionnaire for HelpASAP


Following entries are required and must be completed!


Your Email address(es) you want to use for this list:

Your full name & spouses name:

Your phone number:

School district:

Your relationship to the child(ren):

Child's name

Child's birthday:

Child's diagnosis:

Child's School:

Other children (optional):

How did you hear about the list (be specific)?

Are you, or are any family members, a professional working in the autism community (administrator, teacher, social worker, agency employee, therapist, doctor, etc.)?

1. If you have a personal Firewall, please disable it temporarily before selecting the "Send Info" button.
2. Your information will be sent directly to Marlene Kenyon.


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