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Forever Healthy Diet

The Forever Healthy Diet lifts the brain-fog that children with autism live with every day. The diet was designed to eliminate major allergens and reduce food sensitivities that are known to heighten symptoms in autistic children. The diet is sugarless and free from dairy, gluten, and soy. It also tests corn and egg, which are also known to cause reactions. The diet is detoxifying and offers a very healthy variety of foods including foods that can greatly boost the immune system. By incorporating the many mineral rich and nutrient dense foods, this groundbreaking diet has had astounding effects on autistic children by greatly reducing the symptoms of autism while helping to facilitate cognitive growth and improved behavior. Preliminary studies have shown obvious improvements in every child who has participated!

Completely customizable, The Forever Healthy Diet can be modified as necessary to fit your child’s specific needs. It is a “rotation diet” but does not operate on the standard four-day rotation. Rather, The Forever Healthy Diet functions on a five-day rotation. Some food families are used twice within the rotation, but the vast majority are not. The diet helps to make the body more alkaline by offering many vegetables and other alkalizing foods. Yet, it offers twists on some childhood favorites as well, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, meatballs, deli meats, and it even includes a time for sweet treats like popsicles, pudding or frozen coconut treats. Prepared foods can be ordered in bulk, or you can purchase the ingredients at your local grocer and prepare them yourself at home.

The Forever Healthy Diet is a significant piece that will help make the autism puzzle make sense and can help to drastically and quickly improve your child’s quality of life.

For details on the diet please click here!

For details on upcoming diet study click here!

NOTE: Wende Bartolomeo, certified Body Ecologist and a mother to son with autism, gave a seminar on the “Forever Healthy Diet” at the parents meeting at Coco's on 5/22/2007. Wende is an expert and has developed this unique diet plan based on years of research and experience.

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